Male administrator kneeling down talking with an elderly female resident, smiling at each other


Caring for Your Family

A Second Home for Your Loved One

Family-Owned Dementia Care with a Passionate and Loving Team

At Friendly Horizons, we pride ourselves on treating your loved one as an extension of our own family. Our commitment to providing the highest quality care is deeply rooted in our philosophy of respect and dignity. Every resident is showered with the same love, warmth, and attention that we would offer our own family members. From personalized care plans to compassionate staff members, we ensure that every aspect of their well-being is taken care of, ensuring that they live their lives with comfort, joy, and the utmost respect.

As a small, family-owned and operated facility, our model offers families an individualized care experience. Our smaller facility design keeps the focus centered on the family, provides a home-like environment, and ensures ease of navigation. And with a smaller resident population, we’re able to ensure individualized care.

We have experienced dementia on a personal level and have always wanted to create a community where a person suffering from this disease could feel safe, loved, welcomed, and accompanied—no matter the challenges that they face throughout their journey with the disease.

The mission of Friendly Horizons is to support and advocate for the quality of life for all residents. Our resident-focused philosophy continues to evolve as we deliver individualized care based on their needs.